Love and Let Love

People often say love everyone. But have we ever thought about being the same when it comes to receiving and accepting love?
When someone is concerned about us and shows their concern in ways that might not be acceptable by us, is fine. Just be grateful that someone cares about you. If you showing love is fine then why not someone else showing you love?
It doesn’t matter what gender you are. Showing love and care towards the same gender is pure. It’s genuine. Don’t hold yourself back thinking what others would say.
Love unconditionally and truly.
I’ve heard many of my friends react differently to people telling them they like them, especially when they are of the same gender. It’s fine, it’s okay if a girl praises or compliments a girl. Girls are not always meant to be getting into cat fights.
When someone shares anything with you, it’s OK. You don’t have to judge them. Just try and understand. We are humans and no ones ever gonna be perfect. We have flaws, try and accept them, those that are yours and of others as well.
Accept the fact that something’s are meant to happen, and you cannot do anything about it.
We are all part of the universe that keeps changing every second, and it’s fine if things happen the way you didn’t expect them to happen.


Stop worrying about everything. Let things happen the way they are meant to be. Why mess up the flow of nature?
One day you’re body might perish but your soul will be something thats gonna last forever. (matter can’t be created not destroyed.) So let your souls hold the positive and genuine feelings. Love, care, understanding….. Because at the end of the day, you will realise that materialistic things is what you want but soul-soothing feelings are what you deserve.


The Generation that’s ‘Confused’

If you guys are single, there might be a thought, ‘When will I meet the right one?’ And the ones dating might be thinking, ‘Is this the one person made for me?’

We all, at some point or the other have doubts about the relationship that we are in.

Is it gonna work out or not? Is this person the one for me? Is he or she cheating on me? Is the person lying? Gosh! There are so many questions that arise.

This could be because of a past ‘not so good’ experience or maybe you’ve seen it happen with your friends.

Well, you cannot control things that are suppose to happen, but you can always work towards building trust, understanding and patience.

If you want something to stay in your life, you need to work for it. Nothing comes free. You need to invest in everything to allow it to grow. Be it friendship, love or even anger. Yes, that’s right. Anger also grows when you keep feeding it with more hatred and negative thoughts. The choice is ours, as to where we want to invest.

Talking about relationships in this era, its nothing like how it used to be before. We spend more time over the phone and the internet to connect with people. We do believe in a social life but that includes weekend parties, drinking, one night stands etc.

We say that our relationships are complicated but we don’t want to make the necessary and correct investments into it. We fight and have arguments, and yes, all relationships do have them, but we don’t own up to our mistakes. We always blame the other person. We have ego issues that takes over all the good feelings.

Its right, that we all have self-respect but we should not let self-respect to be confused with ego.

We, the generation tangled up in our emotions, should learn to enlighten ourselves with the right things.

From the wide range of things out there, its up to us to choose what’s best for us.

Check out this video and I hope it makes a difference in the way u see the world.

The High Dose of Sensitivity

Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, NOT weakness

Have you ever been in situations where you couldn’t say ‘NO’ to help someone, even if it meant to put yourself in a difficult position?

Do you talk politely to people who have never missed a chance to put you down?

If your answer is YES, then you are a Sensitive person.

Well, being sensitive is not one’s choice, it’s a trait one is born with. It can be inherited and sometimes people become sensitive due to an incident or experience that they’ve had. Even their environment can contribute to it. The thing about sensitive people is that, even the smallest thing said or done to them, can cause a great impact on them, be it positive or negative.

Dr. Elaine Aron, in her book, ‘The Highly Sensitive Person: How to Thrive when the World Overwhelms You’, explains sensitivity as a personality trait and not a disorder. According to her definition, sensitive people have a sensitive nervous system.

The population comprises of 15%-20% of sensitives, but this small number compared to the rest 80% have much stronger senses. The highly sensitive person processes everything around them in a much deeper way. They feel more, ponder upon things more and understands things and concepts in a much better way.

Psychologists, Dr. Elaine Aron and husband, Arthur Aron came up with the terms SPS ( Sensory Processing Sensitivity ) and HSP ( Highly Sensitive Person ) in the mid- 1990s.

Want to know if you are a Sensitive person or if you have anyone in your family or neighborhood who has this trait? Here, are a few things that show you are a sensitive creature

  1. HSPs are very Vulnerable

HSPs are very prone to getting emotional about the tiny things. Even while watching a movie, drama or listening to an emotional track makes you sad and your mood changes. You get swayed away very fast when it comes to emotional stuff.


2) You are way more Polite and Considerate

You are always that one person who believes in ‘Forgive and Forget’ and you not only Related imagebelieve in it but you also abide by it. No matter how hard a person has got on you, you always are polite to them. You care too much, even though at times, you don’t show it openly or you deny it, but somehow cannot ignore the fact that someone needs help and care.


3) You Like being alone/ Working alone.

You are the type of a person who likes spending time with yourself than going out with Image result for spending time alonefriends partying. You use this time to ponder upon things that have happened , to make decisions or to reflect on the things that bother you.



4) You are very bad at saying ‘NO’

This can become a problem at times. The ‘NO’ word just doesn’t seem to come out of your Image result for hy cant i say no to peoplemouth. This happens because you are to empathetic and you don’t want the other person go through a bad situation. No matter how much you try, the two letter word just won’t make it’s way out of your mouth.



5) You Understand and Accept Perspectives better and faster.

Image result for accepting

This is your plus point. You have something in you that makes you understand different opinions and accept them. You are a good listener and your friends often like confiding in you more because you understand them and accept them the way they are.


6) You are a ‘Secret Diary’

Related image

HSPs are amazing at keeping secrets. No matter how dark and bad the secret is, they are just too good at keeping them. Secrets told to them are like the gravel of the ocean- cannot be found.



7) You are very observant even to the smallest things.

Image result for being observant to emotional situations

No matter how hard people try to hide something from you, it’s not gonna work. You have this instinct that makes you aware of the tinniest change in behavior. Even if the truth is being hidden for your own good, it gets difficult to hide as you notice that somethings fishy!


8) You are Photo phobic

Image result for being photophobia

HSPs are very sensitive to bright and fluorescent falling on their eyes. It makes them uncomfortable. Headache may also accompany this discomfort.



9) You notice how someones feeling or when somethings not right with people.

Image result for reading hidden facial expressions

You have that third eye to see how your loved ones feel. I wouldn’t say, you can see it but you get this feeling that somethings just not right with them. Maybe you hold that special ‘sixth sense’ ♥

10) Not necessarily Quiet and Shy

Image result for friends

All sensitive people are not always quiet. Some are extroverts and like being around people while some, on the other hand, very much prefer being by themselves.



If you still have a doubt on whether you are a HSP or not, then click o the link below and answer a simple quiz to find out.


Well, you might have got the idea if these things match to your observations or no. So, if you are a Highly Sensitive person you know is one of them, then you might be wondering how to keep all the outburst of emotions under control.

Click on the link and find out the different ways to deal with being highly sensitive

And guys, always remember, it’s not in the hands of the person to change their character traits. So, we should try and understand all these different emotions that we hold because they are the Basic Instincts that make us human.



When Humans Lose Humanity

There is a lot of difference between HUMAN BEING and BEING HUMAN and a few understand it. It would make a difference if we all understood it.

We are humans and we ought to live by the principle of humanity. But, being cruel and bad and being inconsiderate is the new trend.

So, I would say that we humans are losing the whole purpose of our existence and are heading towards being more inhuman, who don’t understand the difference between good and bad.

Lets just take a moment to think about all the things we have done that have caused a deep distress to others. Be it out of anger or because we were not in a good mood.

           Why don’t we do an exercise….

*List out all the people who you have not treated well, inconsiderate of the reason.

*Go and talk to them in a polite manner. Not to pretend to be a saint but do this as a part of a duty of your human existence, so that one day you too have something to feel happy about.

*And, I’m not talking about a particular time, but I’m saying make it a habit to be polite and be considerate towards your fellow beings.

The feeling of being kind and thoughtful fetches you so much happiness, you wouldn’t want anything more than that. It makes you feel happy from deep within your heart and soul to the extent that it makes you feel that you really don’t need anything else to keep you happy.


ÛñЀ∃ℜ§↑∀ÑÐ   ¥Ø∪®  Ñ€Ï∂µßÖ∪®,  Μ¥ LØ∧€!!!! ♥♥♥

Understanding people can be very tough. I mean, everyone doesn’t have the capacity to accept different ideas, everyone don’t think the same, everyone’s brain works differently.
The generation before us, was made to understand religion, and festivals and sacrifices.This generation is made to understand the stars, and the cosmos, humans and their emotions and everything that has a deeper meaning to its existence.
Related image

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Human psychology can be out of the universe for some, while for the others, it can be their sole purpose in life.
And, most of the times, why we don’t understand people and their opinions, are because, we don’t listen. Most of us have such a poor understanding ability because we often tend to put down opinions and views without even listening to them. 
Its very difficult to find people in this era who listen to you and understand you without judging. So, a shout out to all the lovely sweeties, don’t ever let people who understand you, slip away, no matter what. 
Trust me, they are very precious 
#basicinstincts #spreadlove

Still feeling Love

As the stars light up the sky,
I wanna kiss you good night.
And be the one you see,
In your dreams tonight.

Wanna know how it feels,
To be lying next to you.
And watching the clear night sky,
As we whisper I LOVE YOU.

And of all the feelings that I have felt,
This is the best one to me.
To have someone to hold and to love
Would be as good as breathing.

Wanna have you in my arms,
Forever till the end.
And happily ever after,
Together our life we could spend.

Reading the most Mysterious Book

Have you ever glared at someone so intensely that it felt you have entered their soul?

Have you ever had the feeling of someone staring right into our eyes and giving you a feel that you’re gonna burn with the heat of their stare?

Image result for secrets of staring into the eyes

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No doubt that eyes are the windows to a person’s soul, but how many of us actually look into someone’s eyes and try to read them?

Some might say, what can you read in someone’s eyes? Its not a book with pages.

But take my word on this.   There is a lot you can learn about someone when you look into their eyes. Their entire story lies in there. You only need to learn the art of reading them first. Then, there….., the story unfolds.

Someone once said, “If you love someone’s eyes, you will love the person forever, for the eyes are the only part of the human body that never grows old”.💖💖💖

Image result for emotional eyes

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